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Doki Doki Breast Massager

Doki Doki Breast Massager, fantastic, Wear inside bra cup to add erotic sensation or to enhance cleavage, soft, Refined Touch material is covered with nubs for extra sensation, 2-AG13 batteries (included).

Price €7.00

Penis shaped toy

Penis-shaped toy made of polyester. Pink, soft filled penis with a picture of a funny face. About 17.5 cm long, made of 100% polyester.

Price €3.00

Penis-shaped baking pan

100% carbon steel, non-stick coated cake tin which can mould cakes, ice cream, blancmange or jellys... anything you fancy really!

Measuring 27cm in length and 15cm at the widest part, produces a cake 26cm (10.25 inches) in length.

This tin has no painted surfaces like some of the cheaper versions available.

After repeated use in the oven, the cheap paint flakes. This tin stays as it is, in perfect condition forever.

The actual willy mould is thick so it won't dent or disfigure. If used properly, it will last you years and produce top quality food products for a lot of parties!

These cake tins are bubble wrapped to post to guarantee no surface damage in the post.

Top quality!

Price €15.00